RSS back!

wahahaha... i was only a 2-day old blogger when i got an email from the blogger team... my blog site was identified as a SPAM BLOG (for definition, kindly just look it up through a search engine :P )... anywho... i appreciate the action... but it prevented me from doing entries for the past 2 days... **sigh**

but its good to be back... :)


it's may 01 today here... it's labor day and it's even the fiesta in our barrio (small town rural girl :P)... and guess where i am spending the rest of my day? yep.. infront of the pc... in the office... haha! dont it just get better everyday? hahah! :) i asked achie if i could switch schedule with her so i can leave early... i'll be meeting up with buddy queenie and bestie jay later to check out some rashguards for this weekend's daytrip dive :)

soo... i'll have a different entry for what i was feeling the past couple of days... tata...
"...everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake... and everybody's empty and everything is so messed up..."