...see you around... (love reitz)

At this moment, I remember many things: The very first
time I set foot in this company, the time I was rolled into my very first project, the grueling hours we all had to render just to beat the deadline, the time when acquaintances became friends and sometimes, even more than that… the “early bird” perks… the teambuilding activities… those knick knacks and whatchamacallits that made Reitz “Love Reitz”.

Reitz has been the pillar of my career here in Accenture. In its simplest phrase, Reitz has taught me to be: “Whatever you are, be a good one”. Sure, the project is far from being perfect. More often than not, Reitz almost made me lose my sanity (figuratively and literally). And I am guilty of wanting to get rolled off a thousand times… But I have realized that a project is not defined only by the tasks it is expected to deliver, but also the amazing people in it. One of the factors that affect my engagement is the people around me… Reitz has given me more than just a bunch of co-workers, but a second family.

Thank you for everything that each one of you has instilled in my life. Those little patches molded me into who I am right now… And those will always be the things I will carry with me wherever I go.

I will miss our early morning calls, our “healthy discussions” about whose team should make the changes and who should take ownership of a defect raised… The never ending change requests… I will surely look back at those Chili’s, Starbucks, Central and Pioneer Grill moments… I will always be inspired by the joy in everyone’s faces during triumphs and the courage to stand up when failure struck hard… And I will look forward to the next adventure that will make our paths cross once again…

Since I am never good at goodbyes, and trying to do so is futile, when all has been said and done, the last box taped and suitcase zipped closed, all that I have left to say is “Till we meet again…”

With an X and an O… a mixture of joy and sorrow… I have to announce that… this little chick has got to bounce…. So with a hug and a kiss… I’m out like this… ~*~

(photo c/o Daday Pascual)