and im back :)

yay im back!

there's so many things to talk about on this hot Sunday afternoon... and it leaves me speechless as i go through my scattered thoughts...

*tapping fingers*

my last entry was sooo gloomy, miserable, sad, and all those depressing synonyms that you could think of. it's a new year... a new life... a new in almost everything.

anyway... the person that i was talking about my last article... we're on our 8th month already ;) 'nuff said :D

i was loaned to another project and was sent "onshore" in Makati when our stint in the beloved "project-ship" has been placed on hold (and nobody can really tell for how long). i developed a love-hate relationship for that commitment... love, because i gained a few people to add in my own quirky circle of trust (hi friend! *sabunot*)... hate, because no matter how much pride a company takes on it people, there are just some people that keeps on barking but isnt really willing to bite... but anywho... this isnt about those people, so let's move on...

after my stint to that "onshore" assignment was over, i was called in for another project... and it would be for a permanent basis...

and now, this is where i am (hmm.. that doesnt seem too much to talk about now that i did :P), 5 months on the run and still counting... to be very very honest... i dont like what im doing... it's not really something that i am very very interested in... but in one of the meetings that i attended in this project, one of the executives said something that knocked me back to my senses... i dont remember everything verbatim but here's the gist:

in all the years that i will spend in a company, not everything that i will be asked to do is something that i would like to devote my time on... it may be crappy, lowly, not-worth-your-precious-time kind of work, but it could be something you needed to learn (in whatever means necessary)...

...and yes, after that speech, i started to like my job a few inch higher than the usual. :)

okay, so i have less weekends to enjoy by myself, with my family or with my loved one... i have weeks where i come to work 10 - 12 days straight without any day-offs.... yes my life suck a bit this time... but i know there are things i will learn from this experience, one way or another... so yes, i started to appreciate (i dont love it... but i apprise it...)... id like to think that something good will come out of this experience (rather than rant and whine about it).

anyway... it's the 2nd month of summer already... but i havent gone to a single summer-friendly place yet... pathetic i know... it takes a lot of courage to keep me here at the moment... but im looking forward to a better vacation soon :)

ciao for now :P


Neng said...

*sabunots back*

I hate you forever. Hahaha. =)

Pasayahin na lang natin ang mga sarili natin sa Ortigas with Starbucks at chismisan. Can't wait! =)